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It seems that the Holzinger, as a small tavern, already existed forever.
In the beginning the guests were not the local neighbours, but workers of the Viennese Brick Factory.

The small brick pond, in the centre of the settlement was used buy workers to cool of on hot days. Only in the 1950s the first houses were built.

In 1958 Eduard and Magdalena Holzinger rented the small tavern from the local government in Traiskirchen. Because of their great success, they were rewarded the ownership in 1959.

Our blue salon used to be a goat shed up until 1963. So do not be surprised, if you a bit of goading is still going on.

Friedrich Taschler, Mrs. Holzinger's talented nephew, finished his economics training with the Julius Meinl Company in 1974, and was ready to take over the business.
He transformed the small tavern into the Hotel Restaurant Holzinger.

The name "Holzinger" was kept in honor of his beloved Aunt Leni.

Of course he couldn`t do everything alone. And thankfully he won the love of a very hardworking young woman from Mariazell, Styria.
Together they renovated the local tavern and added a second building with rooms. In 1978 they combined the two buildings to the Hotel Restaurant Holzinger as it still stands today.

In between all their hard work, the young couple found time to raise three children. There were two girls, who went to complete the Tourism School in Bad Gleichenberg, Styria; and one boy, who chose the Tourism School in Semmering, Lower Austria.

The first process of a huge renovation started in 2002. Some of the guest rooms where completely renovated and the guest garden was newly decorated.
The renovation process was completed in 2006. When the remaining guest rooms were redone, five spacious suites were built and a beautiful conservatory was added next to the front desk. The front desk itself was completely redone and the outside of the building got a new coat of paint. The Kaiserstube Restaurant was furnished with new chairs and upholstery.

After the completed renovation, in March 2006, the new generation Taschler-Holzinger is now allowed to take over the reins.

The oldest daughter, Dagmar Schotte, came home after a long stay abroad and brought with her our new Chef de Cuisine, Martin Schotte. Together with her husband and brother, Franz Josef Taschler, she will continue to lead the Hotel Restaurant Holzinger into the 21st century.


On July 3, 2007, we got a very special new addition. Felix Schotte, our sunshine and future boss was born.

And the family kept on growing. Tobias Andreas, son of Franz Josef Taschler, was born on July 30, 2009. We welcome our future Sommelier.
All good things are three! And so we welcomed our third possible successor: Moritz Schotte, who was born on October 17, 2011.
But why stop, when on a roll... To make the boy foursome complete, Alexander, second son of Franz Josef Taschler arrived on September 2, 2012.

We hope you enjoyed the little insight into our family.
And we wish you a pleasant time with us!

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